Our Green Credentials


We love this planet, the countryside, wildlife, flora and fauna.

We hope you do too.


Flowers make us smile and we want to do as much as we can to protect our environment and the countryside around us. We do this in a number of ways, some things we will do as a matter of course, but some things require your help:


  • Reducing air miles

We buy British wherever and whenever we can. Quality, diversity and freshness will always be our priority, but we are extremely lucky in that West Sussex has some of the best Rose and Alstroemeria growers in Europe, if not the world. Many of the world's flower growers are as far away as Africa,  South America and while we still support these growers, we are concious of the air miles and if we can get equal or better quality closer, we will.

  • Reducing the number of non-biodegardable products we use

Earlier this year, we switched to using a biodegradable oasis and who would know the difference? This was an easy win, we had a lot of the green non-biodegradable oasis in which we are still using up, but the brown coloured 'eco-friendlier' version does exactly the same job and is just as easy to work with.

  • Reusing and upcycling

The cellophane we use to wrap bouquets and create aqua-packs isn't recyclable and takes tens of years, sometimes hundreds of years to biodegrade. We have looked at cellulose wrapping, but add water and they can start decomposing before you get your flowers home. New eco-friendly cellophane is being developed and we are keeping a close eye on this and the cost and as soon as we find something suitable and affordable, we'll be switching this too.


In the meantime, we can deliver or supply bouquets in a variety of reusable containers and vases, just ask us when you order, we'll have lots to chose from. Or why not bring in your own!?

  • Working with and support local businesses and organisations.

We make a real effort to work with and support local businesses and organisations, whether that's a local freelancer doing a little bit of work for us or the local school and community. We want to keep our village alive and to thrive we need workers, businesses, families and retirees. There's not much we can do, but if we can help, we do!

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