Life as a Village Florist

Follow Claire's blog and find out what life is really like as a village florist.


Claire moved to Pulborough in 2013 and it wasn't long after that the little shop right in the centre of the village became vacant. Claire was looking for a new challenge, she was born and bred in West Sussex and dreamed of life in among a small community, somewhere where everyone knew each other, somewhere where people in the street would say hello to each other, somewhere people would stop and chat, somewhere where people would socialise together and support each other, helping local businesses thrive.


The idea of opening a village flower shop was born! 


The Flower Shop, Pulborough has been open for almost 3 years. It has become the hub of village life, it has brought people and businesses together.


Despite the hard work and long hours, Claire loves her job, her team of florists, the people who come into the shop and those around her.


Life as a Village Florist is a series of challenges, surprises and humorous anecdotes, trials and tribulations and when not busy in the shop Claire would love nothing more than for you to join her by reading and engaging with her blog.

Claire writes a new post every week, so be sure to check in regularly.

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The Flower Shop Pulborough

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